Rayalaseema - Quartz Sand

RSPQL is the India's first company to offer packaged Quartz Sand.
RSPQL branding focusing product design, interface design, style, icon design, editorial design, web design & motion design.
  • Client
  • Rayalaseema Quartz Pvt. Ltd.
  • Industry
  • Construction, Suppliers
  • Services
  • Branding, Art Direction, Website
  • Branding Director
  • Parth Soparia
  • About Rayalaseema Quartz Pvt. Ltd.
  • RSQPL are taking an innovative stand by coming up with a revolutionary product like QZ Sand which will change the face of the construction and manufacturing industries.
  • Project Brief
  • RSPQL is launching a new line of sand products under the brand name, "QZ sand". The marketing problem is the rapid rise of brands, which are capturing a the Indian market. RSPQL business goal is to create a Brand that will appeal to buy goods from us in this competitor market. Our creative team has been assigned the lead product, "QZ Sand" This is a rare opportunity to build a new brand from scratch.